Building the right environment for aged care workers

May 6, 2014 | Aged Care Management

Aged care workers are in high demand throughout Australia, thanks to the growing elderly population. For aged care facilities, employing the right staff with the best possible skill sets is a necessity.

While retention will remain a priority for many facilities, new workers will be needed to ensure aged care can be supplied as resident numbers grow.

To attract workers, aged care facilities will likely need to differentiate themselves from the competition, creating an attractive work environment for staff.

Attracting the right workers

Registered nurses (RNs) often form the backbone of an aged care facility, as they're able to administer an extremely high level of care. As a number of different sectors in the medical industry also require skilled RNs, aged care facilities will need to be proactive in securing the right personnel.

The role of technology

Technology is able to improve the day-to-day operations of an aged care facility, but it can also be a great help in bettering the work environment. By introducing a new digital filing system, for example, the strain on employees to manually fill out paperwork is negated, and filing can often be accomplished far more quickly.

In addition, medical records, reporting systems and care plans can be all be accessed and updated digitally. When staff are constantly working with residents, the time savings can be hugely beneficial.

Mirus Metrics

The Mirus Metrics tool is specifically designed to help providers more efficiently manage ACFI. Having the app on an iPad means ACFI reporting is never far away. 

By teaching staff to operate this tool, ACFI hassles are reduced, and managing funding is a substantially easier prospect.

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