Co-source: How do you mange the most important asset? (TIME)

September 29, 2020 | Aged Care Management

Poor time management may mean your work becomes less enjoyable and you may even get stressed!

In our experience, organisations rarely benefit from poor time management.

Effective time management can: 

  • increase productivity and staff morale 
  • help deliver better care 
  • limit your stress and avoid potential burnout 
  • enhance personal and peer satisfaction. 

Consider dividing your tasks into these four (4) categories such as urgent and important or less urgent and less important. For example (below example is only for illustrative purposes, actual care requirements will differ of course): 

In addition to an effective time management plan, a co-sourcing partner could help you resolve more urgent issues that require skills and dedication. 

Innovative providers are using co-sourcing models with the team at Mirus Australia to adapt their delivery models in an effort to create a competitive advantage. 

The goal is to design a cost-effective way to obtain maximum value without replacing the existing staff based on specific skills that are needed to get the job done. 

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Co-sourcing is here for the future. Are you ready for the future? Want to find out how we could help you with co-sourcing? 

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