Keeping aged care employees engaged

April 23, 2014 | Aged Care Management

Aged care personnel will need special attention over the next few years, as losing valuable staff can be highly damaging to a facility.

For example, staff with skills in working with disability modifications and multi-roled workers able to fill a variety of different positions often contribute greatly towards keeping a facility running, and are additionally useful when certain staff are away.

As the number of elders requiring aged care steadily grows over the next few years, special attention will need to be given to the needs of staff, as retaining skilled personnel becomes an essential facet of running an aged care facility.

Staff with a strong skill set are able to provide a better level of care, thus attracting both new residents and a positive reputation.

Retaining staff

To keep personnel on board, general steps can be taken. After payment has been established and talked through, the issue of workload needs to be addressed.

Many staff are likely to leave a facility due to overwork as a result of short staffing. When a hiring round begins, it may be necessary to take on a larger number in order to ensure needs can be met. Further to this, the time requirements of aged care workers will need to be considered – especially when it comes to rosters.

As staff are often required to rotate and fill the place of others with little warning, facilities should attempt to create a flexible environment for staff.

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