Meet the deadline for Aged Care Web Services

December 10, 2021 | Aged Care Finance

By Tyler Fisher, Data Scientist

Aged Care Web Services is a new digital channel used to submit claims and data to Services Australia across all aged care programs (Residential, Home and Flexible Care).  Submitting claims is how all subsidies and supplements are paid.  

Use the web services countdown.

From 13 March 2022, your software needs to use web services to access Services Australia’s payments system. Software that does not use web services by this date will not be able to interact with their systems and therefore will be unable to claim Medicare funding.

You can start by making sure your software developers are or will be developing software that is web services ready. Mirus is already an approved ‘web services ready software’ provider. To minimise the risk of service interruption – we can set you up in fewer than four weeks – at no cost – to be assured that you can still interact with Medicare in the event of other systems not being ready. 

Software developers who provide web services ready software will help guide you through the process to access your data through the new web services channel.   

  • Your organisation will need to register an organisational PRODA.  Most providers have employees who were granted access via A-Number (PKI technology), which has been transferred to individual PRODA accounts, and have not registered their organisation. 
  • Register for Aged Care Web Services by signing form AC027, which your software vendor can help you complete. 

Our Web Services ready software currently supports Residential and Home Care businesses supplying Australian seniors with 92,999 beds. New applications take four weeks for Medicare to process so get in touch today to get Web Services ready software in time for the deadline.