Organising for the ACFI

April 24, 2014 | Assessment and Optimisation

Aged care providers have a lot to deal with, especially when it comes to managing the needs of both residents and staff. In addition to this, dealing with the ACFI can add further complications to facility operations.

Thankfully, there are a number of useful tools and resources available to help providers in the running of a facility.

The ACFI calculator

ACFI can be complicated to calculate, even more so with a large number of residents. To assist providers, Mirus Australia have developed a tool that handles the complex equations, delivering accurate ACFI scores and daily rates.

Taking into account daily living, behaviours and complex health care, the tool is able to produce exact ACFI amounts. As a result, facilities are able to set up accurate payments for residents.


Education processes can provide another layer of ACFI insight – helping to increase subsidies, confidence and understanding. After working with Mirus using a comprehensive education process, staff are able to better understand ACFI claims and can verify them during validation.

In addition, resident summaries are recorded with detailed notes which can be kept as accurate reference points when it comes time for reassessment. Staff are able to apply additional feedback to the summaries, and make changes when required.

Implementing these tools and resources into the operations of an aged care facility is simple – in the case of the Mirus ACFI calculator, a smartphone is all that's required.

It will likely be hard to ignore the advantages of provider tools in the near future, especially thanks to the cost and efficiency benefits.

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