Are you getting ready for the aged care registration scheme?

June 9, 2020 | Workforce Management

A consultation paper has been developed this year by the Department of Health to address issues such as new worker screening and registration, existing regulation of aged care workers, and models used in health and disability. 

The paper is intended to bring the sector one step closer to ensuring all staff are qualified and suitable to work with older Australians. Full implementation is foreseeable in 2022 as gradual implementation may be introduced in stages. 

Have you taken the steps to bring your organisation in-line with this registration scheme?

Pressing issues to be addressed will include: 

  • In what ways could the aged care system be made easier to access and navigate? 
  • What information, services, or structures are needed to support older people to make informed choices about aged care, and to have appropriate control over the services they receive? 
  • What would be required to support multidisciplinary health teams to care for older people with high needs? What other services could be used (24/7 on-call services, embedded escalation to specialists, access to relevant ageing specialists, telehealth or other technological advances)? 
  • What is needed to ensure greater uptake of in reach health services (such as specialist palliative care) and aged care specific services (such as Severe Behaviour Response Teams and Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Services)? 

…and many more. 

As an aged care provider, you should spend your valuable time, quite literally, providing care! Managing the incredible people in your organisation is a part of that journey of care and Mirus Works! was co-designed with aged care providers for aged care providers to assist with ensuring the day-to-day is as seamless as possible.  

Mirus Works! offers roster rules which could prevent overstaffing or rostering overqualified staff which increases your operational expenses. Roster rules also place restrictions on rostering staff without police checks or the right qualifications. These features effectively minimise risks in your organisation. 

Mirus Works! also ensures that your staff work safely, get paid appropriately, and timely via list management. Employee satisfaction is important – as you understand this more than most: retaining the best people on your team saves you a lot more than just the costs associated with turnover and recruiting. 

Want to find out more? Please get in touch with Tom.

Tom Murphy is Head of Workforce Management at Mirus Australia and with his team, they are optimising staff coverage to the care needs of a provider’s residents, minimising the complexity of interpreting awards and integrate technology for improved financial sustainability in aged care.

Change may suck, so we’re not going anywhere. Please get in touch with us to find out more about Mirus Works! or please connect with Tom via LinkedIn