Are you facing any of these challenges?

October 7, 2019 | Workforce Management

As consumers, we expect a lot from technology. Today’s tech options bring instant gratification and more data than we’ve ever had access to before.

  • Are you selecting the right ‘bells and whistles’ when purchasing tech? 
  • Will that selection support your organisations current process and systems? 
  • Is the financial data included, which is required to support business-critical decisions?

Very often when I am demonstrating Mirus Works! I find teams can get a little stuck on the features comparisons or what a solution can or can’t do. Whilst its important that the solution you purchase is user-friendly and has features that allow an organisation to effectively run their business, it’s equally important to ensure that the solution provides financial insights that help make informed decisions quickly and that ultimately support the level of care required by the people you care for.

Residential Aged Care is facing many challenges: declining occupancy trends; changes to the funding model; consumer-directed care; new quality standards; attraction and retention issues for staffing; reputational damage; and a Royal Commission just to name a few.

Each of these challenges has the potential to impact the bottom line of a business.  Therefore it’s important that when considering a new workforce management solution you seek to find a solution that’s going to help your organisation optimise its workforce with financial data reporting in real-time that ensure you are making informed decisions.

 Some of the challenges I frequently hear about regarding workforce management solutions are:

  • I can’t see the cost of my roster in real-time, so I don’t know if I’m within budget
  • It’s hard to easily identify whether employee contracted hours have been fulfilled on the roster. This means sometimes I’m paying employees and not getting the benefit of their time, or worse going to casual or agency staff as well.
  • My roster administrator doesn’t know that our funding or occupancy has changed so continues to roster the same staff as always even though funding and occupancy have dropped.
  • I have to offer shifts out to employees but its costly and time consuming because we send to all staff, if we get a response, my staff then have to manually update the roster with the new details so I spend money on the texts and the time to update rosters.

If you are facing any of these challenges and its adversely affecting your business, its time to think about change! Change doesn’t have to suck is our new campaign. Please get in touch and find out how Mirus Australia can help you to overcome these challenges and ultimately improve your bottom line!

Sara Golding is an expert in Workforce Management. Sara, Senior Manager, Workforce at Mirus Australia and her team are responsible for co-designing, diagnostics and implementation of Mirus Works! Connect with Sara on LinkedIn. And you can meet Sara and find out more about her “baby” here.