The importance of establishing clear facility goals

April 25, 2014 | Assessment and Optimisation

The aged care sector is set for substantial growth over the next few decades, thanks to a continual influx of new residents. Throughout this growth period, providers will need to place an importance on clear goals for both the facility and employees.

Clear goals or objectives are important in any industry, as they help to develop a sense of purpose for both the wider business and the staff. In an industry with such rapid growth – like the aged care sector – common goals are highly important.

With Australia soon to see 25 per cent of the population over 65, demands on facilities will rise considerably, as will the demands on staff. Currently, staff work extremely hard to handle existing resident volumes.

As resident numbers climb, the best thing for an aged care facility to do is set common goals.

The Australian government has begun setting aged care goals, with a focus on enabling the best care possible. As part of the objective, the government plans to make sure providers are aware of their requirements in the near future.

"This will be achieved by ensuring that providers of aged care understand their obligations to residents through education and information, and targeted compliance activity to identify and address situations where providers are not meeting their care obligations," a spokesperson from the government health department said.

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