Tom’s approach to adulting.

September 25, 2018 | Aged Care Management

Tom Murphy joined the Mirus Australia team over 5 years ago as employee #9. A senior manager of the Mirus Australia Revenue Delivery team, he is constantly inspired and motivated by the opportunity to dissect and solve problems for our valued clients and team members. 

Tom has a variety of interests, balanced across physical, artistic and intellectual activities. He is a keen rock climber and loves anything to do with music and is known to share countless YouTube videos of his favourite musicians with the rest of the team. Tom loves reading and he exercises regularly. He is especially passionate about food and dreams of owning a charcuterie (the branch of cooking devoted to prepared meat products), one day.

But how does he balances such a wide range of activities with his work?

“I believe in work-life harmony and I practice it. We live in such an interconnected world, I know that work will feature in my personal life and vice-versa. But with the right boundaries in place, that for me is the balance says Tom.

As an example, as he is an avid rock climber, Tom sees every-day challenges at work as a fresh climb! The goal is to reach the endpoint of a usually pre-defined route without falling. Climbers need to check their equipment, evaluate if they have enough information about the challenge, go deeper within to find if they are ready for the climb, both physically and mentally.

Similarly, a risk well measured at work will minimise the possibilities of what can go wrong.

“You might fail, but it won’t be the rope breaking, it will be something you can quickly recover and learn from.” This is one of the reasons why Tom is an inspirational leader at Mirus, for his fresh approach towards analysing risks.

Tom grew up in Bristol, UK and  studied Literature at St. Mary’s University, London. No wonder he turned out to be a such a word nerd! His favourite quote is from the book ‘The Little Prince’,

“All grown ups were once children, but only a few of them remember it.” There is a sparkle in his eyes as Tom vividly remembers the quote and says this is why he likes to maintain a curious child-like mind while “adulting”.

As a consequence Tom is focused on personal growth and continuous improvement not only for himself , but his team and anything he has the opportunity to be involved in. Tom wakes at 5 in the morning everyday for a workout at the gym before heading to the office or to visit a client and he works twice a week on improving his handwriting!

Tom is #makingagedcarebetter via his quest for knowledge, professional development and endless curiosity.

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