When the Customer is Front + Centre

July 1, 2019 | Aged Care Management

This write up first appeared in ACAN (Aged Care Advisors Network) written by James Price, co-founder of Mirus Australia.

The new Quality Standards focus on outcomes for consumers and reflect the level of care and services the community can expect from organisations that provide Commonwealth subsidised aged care services. Organisations will be assessed and must be able to provide evidence of their compliance with and performance against the Quality Standards from 1 July 2019.

Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission

Ensuring your customers are front and centre of your organisations strategy is no longer just a sentence in a board report or a clever tag line. Our customers, clients and the community expect better levels of service, choice, quality and value, which will directly support their unique care and lifestyle requirements.

The transition to the new Quality Standards on July 1, 2019 is an important milestone for the aged care industry. Planning to invest in your people, process, systems and the technology infrastructure to ensure compliance and the best possible outcomes for your customers is crucial in this time of change. Mirus Australia are experts in the integration of people and technology to drive performance across revenue management, workforce management, marketing and admissions management.

One of the biggest challenges current clients are experiencing are inadequate systems and processes to manage workforce, including the costs, skills and availability of staff and importantly ensuring the workforce reflects the care needs of residents.

“With modern technology, we know how far an Uber is from our house by looking at the location on our smartphone. So, if we know how far away a ride-sharing service is, shouldn’t we know who is working in our facility looking after our older Australians in real-time? Creating the future of aged care requires a new way of thinking.”

There are many facets to consider when demonstrating a commitment to the new quality standards and the staff required to deliver including the resident care and lifestyle needs, consumer directed care models, floor layout and staff engagement, health and safety requirements, changing occupancy, skill mix and availability just to name a few.

Mirus Australia is working with current clients to better understand how to utilise their platforms Mirus Works! the workforce management solution, Mirus Admissions Companion, the platform powered by Salesforce to manage customer relationship management and services like Mirus Marketing and Mirus Academy to understand how to improve productivity, meet the new standards and continuously improve the customer experience.

A fantastic customer experience is the sum of all the interactions a customer has with your organisation for example, how long a family member has to wait on the phone, was your team knowledgeable about a particular room or the local community and were potential clients able to easily find information on your website?

The new Quality Standards are an opportunity to rethink and interact with your customers to deliver a customer experience that not only promotes competitive advantage, but ensure your customers are front and centre of all you do at your organisation. Mirus Australia are partnering with organisations to support their unique strategies and provide the level of care our communities expect.

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