5 workforce management strategies with Tom Murphy

April 24, 2020 | Workforce Management

Let’s get straight to the point: There is a lot going on in the lives of your staff and at your organisation at the moment – a little more than usual?

Speaking of your team – what is your current workforce management system?

Does it allow your organisation to adapt and manage effectively your workforce when things are hectic and also provide comprehensive reporting analytics for the best decision making?

For organisations to remain efficient, they need an appropriate workforce management system. Here’s how Mirus Works! is helping our clients.

(1) Understand the impact of change better and assign time correctly

If a person has a recently returned from overseas or is diagnosed with COVID-19, as per current guidelines they are required to go through the mandatory isolation. Mirus Works! allows organisations to create shifts with a specific indicator, i.e. “isolation shift” to better suit the situation whilst avoiding an ‘accidental’ roster schedule.

(2) Award changes in response to COVID-19

Mirus Works! is constantly updated with the latest legislations especially in relations to award changes. We are aware that the Aged Care Award is set to change in the foreseeable future. We are on top of these changes and take the proactive approach to discuss how to best accommodate.

(3) Running public holiday checks

Mirus Works! looks for shifts that have been processed appropriately. With Public Holidays varying per state (in addition to national Public Holidays), this system makes sure that rosters are up-to-date to assist with a smooth operational experience.

(4) Tracking vaccinations, PPE training and other requirements

Organisations are often inundated with constant needs to update staff training, vaccinations, or other compliance and operational tasks. Mirus Works! is designed with custom solutions to manage these changes and updates with ease.

(5) Demand templates

Your demand is not constant. It changes monthly, weekly or even daily based on the needs of your residents. Now is the time to consider flexing your roster in line with demand, be it occupancy decreasing or the change in level of care.

Please change your roster to reflect the new situation; this is how you optimise workforce performance across a facility or organisation with Mirus Works!

Tom Murphy is Head of Workforce Management at Mirus Australia and with his team, they are optimising staff coverage to the care needs of a providers residents, minimise the complexity of interpreting awards and integrate technology for improved financial sustainability in aged care.

Change may suck, so we’re not going anywhere. Please get in touch with us to find out more about Mirus Works! or please connect with Tom via LinkedIn