A Free Gift With An Extra Large Bow

December 1, 2013 | Aged Care Management

We embrace the festive season with Mirus Benchmarking and Insights free access. Ho Ho Ho!

Mirus Industry Insights reporting came to life when funding changes were first introduced in July 2012. We know the aged care industry had a tough time managing the funding changes and in a short space of time (those budgets needed finalising!) and we wanted to provide assistance. Since July 2011, we have been monitoring the trends in funding across a large sample of the industry – representing over 50,000 beds – and this is only possible through the participation of forward thinking organisations.

Analysis of the trends is closely monitored and the data we use is updated daily, every day, 24/7. We are very proud of Mirus Metrics – which is our database that never sleeps and never tires of our never-ending requests for more data and more analysis.

As well as tracking industry trends for comparative results we can view and share information on occupancy rates and reassessment activities, for example. We can view, read, analyse and share much much more, and we have big plans in 2014, stay tuned.

As a thank you to the industry we would like to offer you and your facility the Mirus Benchmarking and Insights service for free. Normally you would expect to pay several hundreds of dollars per facility for this type and level of reporting.

“How free is free?”, we hear you ask. Well, we need your participation for the service to be the most valuable to your facility and the aged care industry, so providing your Medicare Data is the price you pay. But that is all we ask.

“Yes I would like to claim the free gift from Mirus.”
Reliable analysis is important for the aged care industry. Please contact us ASAP so you can access.

Please contact us by using this form.

“I need more information, before I accept this free gift.”
Please contact us to discuss what this means, how it works and how you can use this information to drive efficiency in your facility.

Please contact us by using this form

Seasons Greetings!

James Price
Managing Director
Part-time Santa