Developing for an Ageing Australia

August 12, 2019 | Aged Care Management

The Urban Developer’s Developing for an Ageing Australia summit brings together leaders in the sector for an intensive day showcasing the latest research, expert perspective, case studies and networking.

The summit will deliver a showcase of the latest innovations and technologies that are disrupting the sector and providing new solutions to old problems.

James Price, co-founder at Mirus Australia will join the expert panel to discuss how innovation and technology are delivering new solutions to old problems.

No industry has been immune from digital disruption and the aged care and retirement sector is no exception. From powerful comparison websites to wearable monitoring devices and even robotic assistants, there is nothing ‘old’ about this sector.

“With modern technology, we know how far an Uber is from our house by looking at the location on our smartphone. So, if we know how far away a ride-sharing service is, shouldn’t we know who is working in our facility looking after our older Australians in real-time? Creating the future of aged care requires a new way of thinking.”


Join James for an interactive showcase and panel discussion with the start-ups, disruptors, and innovators that are changing the way we care and deliver care.

Speakers: Alexandra Conroy – Founder, Reliant Healthcare | Maria Crews – Global Chief Marketing Officer, Gabriel | James Price – Co-Founder, Mirus Australia FOR MORE INFORMATION + TICKETS