A Mirus Australia white paper: workforce management

August 5, 2015 | Aged Care Management

People + Technology: A workforce management minefield or an investment in the future of work? 

Authors: Sara Golding | James Matthias | MIRUS AUSTRALIA 2018

Google ‘workforce management’ for over 5 million results! So how do you begin to select the right solution to optimise performance across your organisation? Traditionally, workforce management solutions centred on rostering staff for particular shifts but have evolved to include time management with a further integration of demand-oriented tools to optimise the scheduling of staff at peak times. Some workforce management solutions focus on serving specific industries, while others offer a one-size-fits-all platform. Some are designed for small businesses specifically, with other solutions targeted at large complex businesses. Despite all of this, most workforce management solutions companies will claim to be the best-fit solution for your business!

Workforce management solutions can be deployed enterprise-wide and through mobile platforms. Specialised software is used in numerous technology-based solutions such as ERP (enterprise resource planning), SLM (service lifecycle management), CRM (customer relationship management) and HR (human resources) management. Each of these systems can either be implemented as a standard software program (named off the shelf) or with some minor customisation. Whereas in larger or more complex organisations, a full customisation approach is used to address specific business needs.

“For Australian residential aged care providers facing increasing pressure on margins due to demands on the clinical team, workforce management optimisation is one of the wisest investments any organisation can make,” say Sara Golding, Workforce Specialist, Mirus Australia.

Let’s review some of the options in more detail … the Mirus Australia white paper named People + Technology: A workforce management minefield or an investment in the future of work?